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Photo Gallery

The faculty and students in our department love to explore! In fact, each year, the Geography Student Association holds a student photo contest. In 2019, the faculty released their first calendar of photography (of geography, not of ourselves). So get out there and see the beauty in the world around you, and submit next year!

Glacier National Park, Montana
Dr. Matt Bekker
Cruise Ship in Venice
Dr. Jim Davis
Venice, Italy
2019 Photo Contest, Things 2nd Place - Morocco
Ryan Shields
2019 Photo Contest, Honorable Mention - Peru
Nicole Cowely
2019 Photo Contest, Places 2nd Place - Arches National Park
Michael Lee
2019 Photo Contest, People 1st Place
Jamison Jones
2019 Photo Contest, Things 1st Place - Cruise Ship
Emily Brown
2019 Photo Contest, People 2nd Place
Jordan Hamann
2019 Photo Contest, Places 1st Place
Davin Brown
Cala Mesquida - Spain
Sam Otterstrom
Chichen Itza - Mexico
Dr. Jim Davis
2017 Photo Contest - Stars
David Busath
2017 Photo Contest- Camera
Elise Ellison
St. Charles' Church
2017 Photo Contest - Island
Emily Jorgensen
2017 Photo Contest - Bryce Canyon N.P., Utah
Amanda Shepherd
2017 Photo Contest - Castle
Ashley Raynor
2016 Photo Contest, View from the Sao Paulo MTC
Brandon Whitney
2017 Photo Contest - Harbor
Carly Christiansen
Neuschwanstein Castle - Bavaria, Germany
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Laurie Weisler
2017 Photo Contest - Reflection
Doran Erickson
Border Wall - Israel
Dr. Chad Emmett
Lopez Island Sunset San Juan County Washington
2017 Photo Contest - Scotland
Evan Parry
Zion Map - Zion National Park, Utah
Dr. Brandon Plewe
Star Lake - Utah
Dr. Clark Monson
Pagoda - Japan
Dr. Jim Davis
Mount of Olives
Dr. Chad Emmett
Al Aqsa Mosque - Jerusalem
Dr. Dan Olsen
Fantasy Canyon - Uintah County, Utah
Dr. Brandon Plewe
Budapest - Hungary
Dr. Matthew Shumway
Baobab Tree - Tanzania
Dr. Perry Hardin
Castle Valley - Grand County, Utah
Dr. Jeffrey Durrant
Beach - Guam
Dr. Michael Clay
Tarangire national Park - Tanzania
Dr. Ryan Jensen
2017 Photo Contest, Dr. Monson and his friend - Utah
Jeffrey Stark
2017 Photo Contest - Snow
Joel Temple
2017 Photo Contest - Netherlands
Michael Lee
2017 Photo Contest - Cow
Natalie Hudson
2017 Photo Contest - Gorilla
Roman Huerta
Temple in the Mountains - Paro Taktsang Bhutan
Dr. Matt Bekker
2020 Photo Contest 1st Place
2020 Photo Contest 2nd Place
2020 Photo Contest 3rd Place