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Check the University's "Graduation Dates and Deadlines Page" for graduation application deadlines, the graduation fair, commencement and convocation, and other important dates.

*If you are close to graduating, please set up an appointment with the FHSS graduate specialists by sending a Y message (use this website to connect to them)

*If you haven’t completed your exit assessment, which is required for graduation, please contact the Geography Department at

Click on the link below to apply for graduation

Undergraduate Students

To apply for graduation, you must:

  1. Decide on a graduation date based on when you will finish your coursework and requirements.
  2. Have an active ecclesiastical endorsement that covers your graduation date.
  3. Fill out the online graduation application.
  4. Pay a one-time $15.00 fee which is charged to your student account.
  5. Contact your individual advisement center to finish applying for graduation.
  6. Pay all outstanding charges on your account.
  7. Go over the graduation checklist and make sure everything is complete.

Special Circumstances

If any of these circumstances apply to you, please contact your advisement center.

  • You missed the application deadline for the semester
  • You failed a required class your last semester
  • You need to cancel or postpone your graduation