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Geography Awareness Week 2023

Booth on the KMBL main floor

Students took stickers and handouts, put pins in our world map to mark where they've been, and participated in a Geography movie trivia, guessing where famous scenes were filmed. The highest scorers faced off in the potluck at the end of the week.

Booth at International Education Fair

An Interactive Virtual Reality of Mt. Kilimanjaro and other significant landmarks were displayed for students to experience. Pictures of our 2023 Tanzania study abroad were shown, and students who went on the trip volunteered at the booth to answer questions and share their experience.

KMBL Roof Tour

While sipping hot chocolate, students strolled around the KMBL Roof to take in the highest view on campus.

Geospatial Lab Open House

In the library, the Geospatial lab welcomed students for candy, games, and a taste of map-making.