Geography is more than just knowing the countries and capitals. We look at the big picture, the details, and the best of all that’s in between. The BYU Geography Student Association offers students an opportunity to experience culture and geography in our own backyard, discuss world issues, meet fellow geographers - both professionals and students - and share in fun and laughter all at once! Every month the Geography Student Association hosts interactive geographic activities and a professional lecture from a geographer active in the field. The Geography Student Association is for all students who love learning about the world and how everything fits in it. All are welcome. We invite anyone interested in the world to check us out.

To Join
1. Join by going to, Geography Student Association
2. Click on the green "Join Organization" tab (this will probably prompt for your net id)
3. Submit a request to join as a "member" (no fee for joining)
**If you want a cool Geography t-shirt, you can get one in 690 SWKT for $10.00

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Clark Monson