​​​BYU Counseling and Career Center :: List of Internships. http://saas.byu.edu/intern/html/FindingInternship2.html or http://ccc.byu.edu/ucs/find-job
Tripod :: Internship search engine. www.tripod.com/explore/jobs_career/intern_visa/

SummerJobs :: Search by keyword or by location. Mainly international listings. http://www.summerjobs.com/

Career Center Site :: Summer job listings, scholarships, fellowships, volunteer and internship opportunities. College of William and Mary. www.wm.edu/csrv/career/stualum/jshort.htm

Travel Industry :: International work and internships - The Council on International Education Exchange. www.ciee.org/

Social, Medical and Political Areas of Geography :: Internship programs at the Carter Center. www.cartercenter.org/

Woman's Stats :: http://www.womanstats.org/​​


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