As GIS and related technologies have become more widely used at BYU, the University has recognized the need to enable widespread licensing of the software. There are many brands of GIS software out there, and we can't afford all of them, but we have obtained site licenses from the following vendors:
  • ESRI (GIS)
  • Intergraph (GIS)
  • Autodesk (CAD, GIS)
  • Oracle (Database GIS)
  • ERDAS (RS)
Some details of these licenses and how you can obtain software is below.  For more information about these licenses, contact Brandon Plewe (8-4161,  Also, if you plan to use GIS often, or are interested in its applications in your discipline, we would like you to be involved with the BYU GIS User's Group, which coordinates issues concerning GIS, Remote Sensing, Cartography, and related technologies.  Members are also notified of new software releases.  Contact Brandon to join.


The site license allows us to have as many copies as necessary of most (but not all) programs produced by ESRI installed on University computers at our three campuses (Provo, Idaho, Hawaii). This includes Faculty, staff, and lab computers, but not home computers of faculty or students (there are academic discount prices for personal copies). Unfortunately, the site license does not include unlimited copies of physical materials (CD's, documentation, hardware keys); CD's can be copied, and additional complete media sets can be purchased..  For more information, please contact the following:
  • Product Advice (what should I get?): Brandon Plewe, Geography, 672B SWKT, 2-4161
  • Software CD's: Software Distribution Office (Kent Gilbert, 150 FB, 2-2419) (Idaho and Hawaii have their own copies)
  • Documentation: most is on the CD's, but print copies are in Geography (George Golightly, 660 SWKT, 2-2199)
  • Installation Help: Brandon Plewe
  • Other Tech Support: George Golightly or Brandon Plewe (you can't call ESRI directly)
We might also try to get a few copies of the documentation in the Library. More complete descriptions of these products can be found at their website,  

Training: We do not offer training on this software at any campus.  However, our license includes access to the ESRI Virtual Campus (, which provides online training courses that are quite useful (from our experience).  You will need to contact Brandon Plewe (Provo-Geography) or Mark Lovell (Idaho-Geology) in Idaho to set up a course.  We do not have access to all the courses they list; mostly it's just the software training, not the general education courses.

The products which are covered are listed below:



ArcGIS Product Line

ArcGIS 9.1
A complete GIS for data management, analysis, and mapping.  Includes ArcGIS Desktop 9.1, and ArcInfo Workstation 91, but requires a license server installation and a $25 hardware key (you may be able to connect to the license servers in BYU Geography or BYU-Idaho).  The GIS people in the Provo Geography Department can help you get this installed.
Unix (Workstation only)
ArcEditor 9.1 Unkeyed
Mid-range product (between ArcView and full ArcGIS) with more data editing capabilities than ArcView
ArcView 9.1 Unkeyed
Base ArcGIS product, with strong mapping capabilities but limited analysis.  Does not require a license server
If you don't know which product to get, get this one.
ArcGIS Extensions
The following extensions are included on all of the above CD-sets, but require separate codes:
  • Spatial Analyst (raster GIS)
  • Network Analyst
  • Geostatistical Analyst
  • 3D Analyst
  • ArcPress (printing)
  • StreetMap USA (nationwide street data)
  • Survey Analyst (coordinate geometry)
  • Publisher (Internet)
  • ArcScan (raster->vector conversion)
  • Maplex (Map design, label placement)
The following extensions are on separate disks:
  • Schematics 2.2.3 (schematic diagrams)
  • Schematics SDK 2.2.3
  • Seagate Crystal Reports 8.5
  • Military Analyst

ArcView GIS 3.3 (patch online)
A mid-range GIS product for mapping and basic analysis. This product is no longer developed, and has not been updated since 2000.
Unix (3.2 only)

ArcView GIS Extensions
All of the following come on separate disks, and require separate keycodes and an existing installation of ArcView GIS 3.3

ArcView Spatial Analyst 2.0 
Adds raster and terrain analysis features. Requires ArcView
Unix (1.1)
ArcView Network Analyst 1.1 
Adds network analysis features. Requires ArcView
Unix (1.0b)
ArcView 3D Analyst 1.0 
Includes extensive 3-D analysis and visualization capabilities. Requires ArcView
1.0a patch is online
ArcView Image Analyst 1.1
Capabilities for basic display and analysis of remote sensing imagery. Requires ArcView
ArcPad 7.0
Stripped-down version of ArcView for Pocket PC, with live GPS capabilities and US street data.
Windows CE
ArcSDE 9.1
Stores GIS data in enterprise databases (Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQL Server).
ArcIMS 9.1
Web GIS server software
Unix (4 flavors)
ArcGIS Server 9.1
Development tool for building web-based GIS applications (more powerful than ArcIMS)
ArcGIS Engine 9.1
Software Development toolkit for incorporating ArcGIS functionality into your own software

MapObjects Windows 2.4
an ActiveX-based API for making your own mapping applications

MapObjects Java 2.2
a Java-based API for making your own mapping applications (doesn't need MO installed)
BusinessMAP Pro 4.0
A simplified GIS that does specialized business geographics .
ArcLogistics Route 3.0
A specialized GIS and dataset for doing road routing applications.

The site license also includes several data products covering the U.S. and the World. All CD's can be loaned from Software Point, or you can purchase a set from ESRI for $250 (per product). 


Through our membership in the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, Intergraph has donated a site license to their flagship GIS software.  We are allowed to install as many copies as we like of the following on University-owned computers.  The CD's can be obtained from Brandon Plewe in Geography (2-4161, ).  Our license includes the following:
  • GeoMedia 5.1 (Windows)
    • Mid-level GIS, analogous to ArcView
  • GeoMedia Professional 5.1 (Windows)
    • Full-featured GIS, ArcGIS 9.1
  • GeoMedia Grid 5.1b (Windows)
    • Extension for raster analysis
  • GeoMedia WebMap Professional 5.1b (Windows)
    • Web GIS server software


Our site license with Autodesk was obtained primarily for their CAD applications, but they also have several GIS products which are included:
  • Map 3D 2006 (Windows)
    • Mid-level GIS based on AutoCad, analogous to ArcView
  • Autodesk MapGuide 4 (Windows, Mac, Solaris)
    • Web GIS server software
  • Raster Design 2006 (Windows)
    • Raster  and Image processing and analysis
  • Civil 3D 2006 (Windows)
    • Specialized GIS-like software for civil engineering
  • AutoCad 2006
    • General CAD software

    • General CAD software


Included in the Oracle package (current version is 10g) is Oracle Spatial, which enables the storage, querying, and analysis of GIS data within Oracle.


ENVI is a broad collection of software tools designed specifically to process imagery. The Department of Geography has purchased a site license with a limited number seats of ENVI. Contact Mark Jackson (2-9753 or to determine availability and pricing (depending on your needs).