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Meet your 2019-2020 Geography Student Association (GSA) Presidency

Meet your 2019-2020 Geography Student Association (GSA) Presidency

President Haley Morris:

Hey y’all! I am the 2019-2020 Geography Student Association President! I’m from Monroe, Louisiana (the town from Duck Dynasty if that helps you picture it) and my emphasis is geospatial Intelligence. I wish I had a good story as to why I chose geography, but honestly I just really love understanding the world, and this was the best major to let me do that daily for the rest of my life with a reasonable income. I love TV, sewing, comic books, running, baking bread and speaking Russian (although its one of my two majors, I’ve tragically never visited, they denied my visa this past year-but thats a long story). This summer I was able to combine my love of geography and Russian by doing a BYU internship in Riga, Latvia at a Holocaust museum helping update some maps. It was technically an internship, but it was really just an excuse to explore Europe and visit my mission in Western Ukraine. I have really a really amazing VP and secretary (you’ll read about how awesome they are below) and we are excited to make this year special for the geography department! Our goal is to connect students with faculty, help students get to know one another and help you find geography in everything you do. If you have any ideas of how we can do that, let us know! 

Coolest place I’ve been: Chernobyl, Ukraine

Place I’d like to visit: The Arctic circle

Vice President Eliza Snyder:

When I was growing up, my dad was in the army, so I spent my whole life moving from one place to another. I have always loved to travel and live in new places, which spurred my love of geography. When I first got to BYU, I was majoring in Engineering. When I realized I didn’t actually like Engineering (whoops), I decided to apply my math and programming expertise to Geography instead. I’m now a senior in the Geospatial Science and Technology emphasis. I heard about GSA from a friend and now I’m the VP! I’m super excited for the activities that we are planning and I hope to get others involved as well :)

Coolest Place I’ve been: Brazil

Place I’d like to visit: Greece

Secretary Jordan Hamann:

I am 24 years old and from a small town called Battle Ground, Washington. I say I'm from Vancouver (not B.C.), Washington (not D.C.) most of the time since few have any reason to know Battle Ground. Sometimes I have to explain that Vancouver, WA is by Portland, OR. I served in the Illinois Chicago West Mission from 2014-2016. I am new to the Geography department but not to BYU: I am a recent proselyte from the Civil Engineering college as of this year, but have 3 years of school under my belt. My emphasis within the major is Environmental Studies and I'm thinking of pursuing Restoration Ecology or Professorship as a career, preferably both. I'm working on a minor in International Development because working internationally would be both interesting and impactful. I love getting a taste of adventure, seeing new places and experiencing new things  -though I'm not the "20 mile wilderness hike" type. My favorite book series are, in descending order: The Prydain Chronicles, The Lord of the Rings, Inheritance Cycle, and Treasure Island (to name a few). I can quote Spongebob Squarepants better than anyone has any right or reason to and I love the comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes". Also, The Legend of Zelda video game franchise is the greatest of all time. Enough said.

Coolest place I’ve been: Paris, France

Place I’d like to visit: Sapporo, Japan (for the snow festival!)

by Shelby Kinghorn

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