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The 2nd Edition of "Mapping Mormonism" is out. Meet the man behind the design work.

Dr. Brandon Plewe started teaching cartography and GIS at BYU since 1997 after receiving his MS and PhD in Geography from SUNY-Buffalo. His research at BYU focuses on historical GIS and cartography. The 2012 publication of "Mapping Mormonism" marked the end of a five years of cartographic design and historical research to produce the book. This book is an excellent example of how the geographic perspective can be used to better understand LDS church history and its evolution to its current state. Along with the atlas maps, the book includes hundreds of timelines and charts that track the Mormon movement from its humble beginnings to its worldwide expansion. This work covers the early Restoration, the settlement of the West, and the expanding Church, giving particular emphasis to recent developments in the modern Church throughout all regions of the world.

Mapping Mormonism won Best Atlas at the 2012 Map Design Competition of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS), the most prestigious cartography awards in the United States. And it was only a tiebreaker away from winning Best of Show. Pick up copy of "Mapping Mormonism" in the BYU Store or on Amazon.com and uncover a world of church history you never knew existed!

by Ryan Shields

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